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At present, one of the most important challenges for manufacturers of finished products is access to raw materials at a reasonable price and at the same time with quality. Regarding recycled polymer materials, despite the abundance of cheap raw materials in the market, failure to comply with the minimum quality parameters causes disruption in the production process and directly affects the final price and quality of the final product. The main reasons for this problem are production in non-principled workshops and the use of traditional methods, which causes the waste of production resources and spending many times the cost of re-production and non-consumable waste.

In order to compensate for this shortcoming, Pooyesh Polymer Technologies started working with the formation of a young and dynamic team and experienced experts in the field of polymer materials since 2019, focusing on the field of recycling polymer materials.

Applying scientific principles and building equipment based on maximum productivity in order to maximize the quality of produced materials has been on the agenda of this company since the beginning, so Pooyesh Polymer Technologies Company now has the most complete quality control laboratory for polymer materials in the field of recycling. and all its products have a guaranteed technical data sheet.

Nowadays, it is not excessive to expect cheap and high-quality raw materials, because with the development of the recycling industry and the use of engineering methods, it is possible to create a competitive advantage in the sales market while maintaining the quality of the goods. On the other hand, the use of recycled materials causes positive environmental effects in addition to significantly reducing production costs. So that in the near future, the use of recycled materials in line with the development of circular economy will be on the agenda of many developed and developing countries.

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Business manager

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Ehsan Abbasi


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