Equipment & Facilities

Separation site

The raw materials entering the recycling plant in the first stage are in the form of living waste (primary form of waste). Generally, some of these wastes cannot be used and should be separated from the load as non-manufacturable items. It is also necessary to separate the waste according to the type of material used and the value of the final product upon arrival. Inaccuracy in separating and collecting waste leads to a negative impact on the quality of the final product and its value. Pouyesh Polymer Technologies Company guarantees the quality and purity of the final product by allocating a suitable space for this and using constant control and monitoring of the said process.

Milling, washing and frankincense line

The grinding, washing and frankincense line of Pouyesh Polymer Technologies Company has been specially designed by the company’s technical team by studying and examining the defects of the existing lines and taking into account the maximum quality, productivity and output, and by the reliable manufacturers of Pouyesh Polymer Technologies Co. . In the design of this line, the principles of mechanization and minimizing the intervention of the operator have been considered, along with increasing the capacity of the machine in washing, while maintaining the quality of the load.

Granulation lines

Extruder lines of the granule making company with a production capacity of about 800 kg/hour have enabled the production of granules with the expected maximum quality. These lines are designed and built by studying the strengths and weaknesses of the devices used in the country and abroad. In addition to this, the granulation lines of Pouyesh Polymer Technologies Company are under the constant monitoring and supervision of expert experts and skilled operators so that the smallest defect in the production process, both in terms of quality and quantity, is not created.

Mixing and homogenization unit

One of the important defects in common products in the granule market is the lack of uniformity of the product in a sent part. Pouyesh Polymer Technologies Company has resolved this shortcoming by creating a mixing and homogenizing unit. All materials entering the line and final products produced in this unit are mixed, uniform and dehumidified.

Weighing and packaging unit

Weighing and packaging unit of Pouyesh Polymer Technologies Company was established in order to accurately weigh and improve the quality of product packaging sent to customers. In this unit, the final products are packed according to the customer’s request or according to the standard of Pouyesh Polymer Technologies Company, and after obtaining the quality control license, they are ready to be shipped or stored.